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When Escrow Closes Receiving the Keys Is Worth It Every Time

The Bay Area is one of the most incredible places to live and also home to one of the most dynamic and intricate real estate markets in the country. I am adept at traversing the market and all stages of the buying process – assessing financing options, searching for the right property, negotiating offers, navigating through escrow and overseeing the final closing.

A tremendous and often intimidating amount of details go into purchasing a home. Whether you are a first-time buyer, moving up, or investing, my client-first approach means you will realize your goals quickly and smoothly. You are in capable hands with my objective insight and knack for truly listening and understanding your needs.


It is my goal to help buyers understand the current condition of the market and access all of the information that will quickly position them with a variety of great choices and negotiating leverage.

Arranging Financing:
  • Help identify a lender that meets your needs.
  • Discuss the purchasing incentives that are suitable.
  • Compare the various financing options available.
  • Learn the difference between a pre-qualification and pre-approval.
Finding the Right Property:
  • Discover and prioritize your needs and wants in a property.
  • Find appropriate available properties both on and off the market.
  • Receive automated email alerts that immediately notify you of MLS-listed homes.
  • Research and preview properties prior to showing.
  • Evaluate properties for suitability, affordability, and resale value.
  • Help to understand the various market types.
  • Deepen your understanding of the details of pricing statistics.
  • Learn about trends, days on the market, absorption rates, and inventory.
  • Discuss property types, quality, and trends.
  • Provide detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for pricing decisions.
  • Educate on the contents of the purchase agreement and common contingencies and terms.
  • Review and ensure your understanding of appropriate seller disclosures and reports.
  • Assist with prioritizing your goals and creating a negotiation strategy to reach them.
  • Manage the execution of the purchase agreement and offer documents.
  • Prepare you for multiple offer situations and develop negotiation strategies.
  • Recommend inspectors, lenders, attorneys, and other professionals as necessary.
  • Act as an advocate and advisor during the closing process.
  • Manage communications between the various parties of the closing.
  • Monitor and communicate required contract deadlines to ensure they are met.
  • Ensure the property is in the same condition as when you entered into the contract.
  • Remain a life-long trusted advisor for all of your real estate needs.

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With over nine years of full-time experience and more than $114 million in sales across the greater Bay Area, Liz works tirelessly to be a well-regarded agent, industry innovator, and ambassador for her clients.