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Clients typically see a 200%+ return on renovation projects

Liz's Goal

To empower homeowners to add value to their homes so that they can realize the maximum profit when it comes time to sell. We achieve this through strategic remodeling projects to bring a home up to the standard of properties in the area that are top dollar and matching today's buyers desires and expectations. We front all costs and manage all projects from start to finish to make the process as simple as possible for our clients. 

Maximize your profits without lifting a finger or spending a dime until the sale closes.

Sample Projects

  • Inspections: $800-1200
  • Staging: $2000-$4000
  • Deep Cleaning: $350-$500
  • Window Washing: $ 250-$500
  • Moving Help: $1500-3000
  • Touch up paint: $1500
  • Inspections, Staging, Cleaning: $6,000
  • Full interior paint: $5,000-8,000
  • Full Exterior Painting: $6,000-10,000
  • Upgrade Floors: $3500-$5000
  • Replace vanities: $500/Vanity
  • Light fixtures: $4,000
  • Door Knobs: $500-1,500
  • Appliances: $800-3,000
  • Moving Help/Storage: $10,000
  • Inspections, Staging, Cleaning: ~$6,000
  • Interior/Exterior Paint: ~$15,000
  • Upgrade Floors:$3,500-5,000
  • Upgrade Fixtures: $5,000
  • Major repairs: $20,000
  • Moving Help: $10,000-$20,000
  • Rental Help/Mortgage Help: $10,000-$20,000

Don't Let Others Build Their Wealth With Your Assets

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Project Scope

Projects include: kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors, general repairs, painting, landscaping, cleaning, inspections, roofs, staging, and MUCH more. Questions about what we do?

Before & After

Browse through the beautiful transformations we’ve made to properties.
Even in today's low-inventory sellers' market one of two things will likely occur if you don't update your home prior to selling:
  1. You will not receive as many offers as you would have from buyers AND will leave considerable profits on the table.
  2. Investors and flippers will purchase your property for cheap and they will remodel it and sell it for a lot more than they paid you. 
Shouldn't you be the one to profit the most from the sale of your home?

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