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Welcome to the world of seamless real estate transitions. As a dedicated specialist in downsizing, relocation, trusts, and probate, Liz Kroft brings her expertise to Monterey Bay's vibrant communities. Whether you're looking to simplify your living situation, navigate a relocation, or manage estate affairs, Liz is here to guide you through every step with personalized care and reliable support.

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Crafting personalized downsizing solutions to meet your unique needs, Liz ensures a seamless transition to a more comfortable and manageable living situation.

From discovering the ideal next home to coordinating the sale or management of your current property, Liz guides clients through the process with compassionate and comprehensive support.

Downsizing is about finding a new home for our many gathered belongings that at one time may have served a purpose, but today, only take up space. Services we offer to help find a new home for your belongings in the downsizing process include:

  • Arrangement with family members and friends for pick-up of wanted items.
  • Mailing of items to family, friends, etc.
  • Donation of items to local charities.
  • Donation of items to hospital clinics.
  • Donation of items to animal shelters.
  • Distribution of items for auction sale.
  • Private sale / Estate sales.
  • Distribution of items to consignment stores.
  • Distribution to recycling centers, including E-waste.
  • Scheduling of hauling services.

Helping you to make wise decisions for difficult choices when it comes to selling your family home.

Moving from one home to another requires considerable energy, focus, and patience. Liz and her team are here to absorb all of that from you, and to make the moving process as gentle as can be. Services in the moving process include:

  • Providing moving materials, including boxes, tape, etc.
  • Packing of belongings.
  • Sorting and tagging of belongings.
  • Hiring reliable movers.
  • Coordinating move-in times with your new community.
  • Disconnecting utilities.
  • Arrangement of the downsizing process

Liz and her team of experts will also relieve the burden of setting up your new home. Research shows that the best way to find comfort in your new home is to have the arrangements similarly set up to your previous residence. To help with this process we use photographs taken prior to your move. Our services for your new residence include:

  • Unpacking of household items, including kitchen items, bathroom items, books, etc.
  • Unpacking of clothing into dressers and closets.
  • Furniture placement.
  • Assembly of the kitchen, bedroom(s), and bathroom(s) similar to previous residence.
  • Ensure utilities are working.
  • Removal of moving supplies, including boxes, plastic wrap, blankets, etc.
  • Hanging of pictures, drapes, and shower curtain (depending on community).


Settling trust or probate real estate transactions involves profound legal and financial complexities. Whether you're an executor, heir, or beneficiary, the process can feel overwhelming. Liz is here to help simplify and streamline these uniquely challenging situations.

With deep expertise in trust and probate proceedings, Liz assembles the right resources to tactfully handle property sales, appraisals, title transfers, and the distribution of assets and funds – removing burdens so you can focus on what is most important.

Her comprehensive guidance provides:

  • Sensitive Navigation: She understands these are emotional situations and guides you with compassion.
  • Proactive Project Management: Coordinating needed tasks like repairs, valuations, and listings so you don’t have to.
  • Meticulous Attention To Detail: Ensuring accurate documentation, filings, and transactions to prevent delays.
  • Peace of Mind: You can trust Liz to minimize complications and facilitate seamless completions.

Rely on her seasoned ability to demystify dense legal processes and smoothly progress matters during difficult transitions.

It's common for well-loved homes to show wear, feel dated over time - diminishing buyer appeal. Liz's thoughtful pre-sale service addresses this through value-boosting updates.

After a detailed walkthrough, clients receive a comprehensive plan identifying repair and refresh opportunities tailored to their property. Then a trusted in-house team handles the custom execution - no outside contractors or delays.

The process is entirely turnkey for you. Simply provide access and approval. No upfront payment needed either - fees are paid only when we succeed in delivering your home’s maximum sale price.

Rediscover your home’s full potential and marketability. 

Sometimes life brings pressing needs to transition quickly. An As-Is Quick Close program provides a fast, streamlined home sale alternative.

Through partnerships with qualified cash investors, we solicit bids on your home in its current condition. Within days, multiple no-hassle offers are presented for your review. You pick which cash price/terms suit your needs best – there’s no obligation to take any.

Unlike selling traditionally, there are:

  • No repairs or renovations required
  • No open houses or showings to host
  • No waiting months for a buyer – quick timeline from decision to funded closing

The result is a stress-free way to sell in a more expedited timeframe, without extra efforts on your home's preparation or presentation.


When life transitions, trust in Liz's expertise and compassion


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