We Packed The Open Houses When My Sellers Agreed To Do This

We Packed The Open Houses When My Sellers Agreed To Do This

  • Liz Kroft
  • 03/1/24

In the challenging real estate market of late February, characterized by rainy weather and rising interest rates, my clients experienced an overwhelming success story.

During the first and only weekend of open houses at 1614 Lockhart Gulch, an impressive 26 groups toured the property.

How did we pack the open houses? My clients embraced a comprehensive strategy, combining strategic updates, thoughtful repairs, and the implementation of the perfect pricing strategy.

At the heart of many of my seller success stories is a unique offering: concierge property preparation. This tailored service empowers homeowners to enhance their properties strategically, ensuring maximum profitability upon sale. Through carefully planned projects, we elevate homes to meet the standards of top-dollar properties in the area, aligning with the desires and expectations of today's buyers. The best part? We front all costs and handle every detail, simplifying the process for our clients and allowing them to maximize profits effortlessly.

In this particular case, my clients relocated out of state, leaving the property in capable hands. In just 10 days, we executed a plan that included replacing carpets, updating lighting, touching up paint, conducting a deep clean inside and out, conducting inspections and attending to various other details.

Then came the crucial pricing conversation – a delicate yet deliberate recommendation that I approach with a three-tiered pricing strategy, backed by a thorough analysis of market activity. The result? The home went under contract in a mere 7 days, surpassing the asking price – an achievement even more remarkable considering the Scotts Valley average of 31 days on the market this year.

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