Client Success Story: Patience, Persistence & Non-Negotiables

Client Success Story: Patience, Persistence & Non-Negotiables

  • Liz Kroft
  • 01/5/24

If you've been keeping up with my updates, you know that I've been sharing insights on the limited inventory of homes for sale as well as the unique opportunities available to homebuyers in today's market. While high mortgage rates might seem daunting, they've actually been creating a silver lining: reduced competition and the chance to negotiate favorable deals. Today, I'm thrilled to share a success story that exemplifies this.


The Meet Cute: Online Connection

This client and I met how many modern love stories start: online. It wasn't Bumble or Tinder. We crossed paths on Zillow, where she reached out about a property. Being one of the few select Zillow Premier Agents in the area, I was privileged to be introduced as her guide on her homebuying journey. 

Within a few days, we met on our first "home tour date," exploring two potential properties with her family in tow. After our first few hours together I was invested in understanding their needs and interpreting those to help find the perfect home. 


Defining the Dream: Non-Negotiables

Every homebuyer has a vision of their dream home, and my client was no different. Their list of non-negotiables included:

  • Four bedrooms
  • A dedicated home office
  • A workspace for their son
  • A home gym area
  • Parking for six cars
  • Privacy with a bit of land
  • Located a short distance to town

Rather than settling for 'good enough,' we embraced the mantra of knowing and advocating for what truly matters in a home—a sentiment I wholeheartedly endorse.


The Hunt: Navigating Challenges

Navigating the fall real estate landscape of 2023 presented its challenges, with historically low inventory levels. Add to that a highly specific set of criteria, and our hunt resembled a modern-day "Goldilocks" tale—except we were sifting through hundreds of homes. Yet, armed with patience, enthusiasm, and persistence, we remained undeterred.


The Sparks: Love At First Sight

Thirty days on the nose after we first spoke on the phone, patience paid off when we stepped into a home that had been on the market 55 days waiting for the perfect family to find it. So, when we walked into a charming home in Soquel, it was evident: this was "the one". 

Over the weeks I got to know what the perfect home looked like for my clients. Selling real estate for a decade you learn how to interpret your client's needs, read their body language and assess their tone of voice. 

I knew this was the home for them, but I never push my clients to these conclusions. We spent about an hour at the property, I stayed out of the way letting them explore on their own and have excited conversations amongst themselves. 

Later that evening they called me to say it was, in fact, the home for them.


Negotiating the Deal: Sealing the Deal

Timing is crucial in real estate, and despite the property being on the market for nearly two months, we acted swiftly. Our offer was submitted and two nerve-wracking days of anticipation later, I had the pleasure of delivering the news: "Congratulations, your offer is accepted!"

With a comprehensive inspection process and strategic negotiations, we finalized the deal at 2% below the asking price—a testament to leveraging agent relationships, experience, patience and market dynamics.


Celebrating Success: A New Beginning

This week marked a significant milestone as my clients received the keys to their new home—one that met all of their non-negotiables and then some. Their success story not only reaffirms the value of tailored guidance but also celebrates the endless possibilities in today's real estate landscape.

I invite you to reflect on this journey and consider the opportunities that await for whatever your real estate goals may be. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or aspiring investor, remember that with the right approach and guidance, your dream home is within reach.

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