Client Success Story: How Agent Reputation Beat Higher All-Cash Bids

Client Success Story: How Agent Reputation Beat Higher All-Cash Bids

  • Liz Kroft
  • 10/10/23

In the world of real estate, every purchase is a unique story. It's a journey that often starts with a dream, and sometimes, an unusual twist of fate. In 2019, we embarked on an extraordinary home-buying adventure with a wonderful couple. But this story isn't just about them; it's about the contagious love they had for Santa Cruz, a love that inspired their dearest friends to make the journey from Colorado to the heart of California's Central Coast and a surprising twist in their offer acceptance.


It Began With Younglove

It began with Younglove. No, that's not a typo. In 2019, a delightful couple discovered us online, and my business partner, Lance Hulsey, and I had the honor of guiding them on their path to purchasing their dream home on Younglove Avenue, nestled in the desirable Lower Westside of Santa Cruz.

Their love for Santa Cruz was so infectious that it ignited a spark in the hearts of their closest friends, who decided to embark on a similar journey, relocating from Colorado to join them in the magic of Santa Cruz.


Shared Dreams and Coffee by the Beach

Our first meeting was at Java Junction, a cozy café on the sand by the Santa Cruz Harbor. We delved into their goals, wish lists, financing options, market insights, and the ever-important factor—timing. As the waves gently crashed nearby, we began crafting a plan to find "The One."


Persistence Pays Off

Finding the perfect home can be a challenging endeavor, especially when inventory is limited and you are honed in on a particular neighborhood and home. However, they were patient, and we were persistent. We explored several options, and though we missed out on some wonderful homes, we held onto the belief that "The One" was still out there.


The Moment of Discovery

That moment finally arrived when Lance spotted a listing online that caught his eye. He couldn't contain his excitement as he sent the listing details to our client, Olivia, with a note that read, "Be sure to check out photo number 17." Photo number 17 below revealed it all, our client's name is Olivia. It was a classic Westside Santa Cruz home that seemed tailor-made for our clients. With three bedrooms, space for a music studio, and timeless charm, it checked all the boxes. It wasn't just a house; it was THE HOME.


The Offer and the Unexpected

When you find "The One," emotions run high. It's time for careful planning and strategizing offer terms. Late-night phone calls, in-depth discussions with listing agents, and meticulous review of disclosures are all part of the process. Then, with bated breath, we hit "send" to submit the offer.

What we didn't expect was the response we received from the listing agent. After days of anticipation, their message arrived:

"Congrats! Thank you for writing a nice, clean offer. Your clients should be thankful to you both for writing a very straightforward offer, as the sellers decided to accept their offer without multiple counteroffers, despite another offer being much higher in price and another offer being all cash and similar in price."

To our surprise, our client's offer was accepted AS IS without any counter offer terms, and it wasn't even the highest or an all-cash offer. Why? Our reputation as agents who get things done and the cleanliness of our offer terms spoke volumes.


A Successful Closing

Fast forward 30 days, and our clients are now the proud owners of an exceptional Westside Santa Cruz home. I couldn't be happier for them. Guiding families through the intricate landscape of real estate and helping them achieve homeownership is a privilege we cherish.

This success story is one they'll be sharing with friends and family for years to come.


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