New Co-Owners, Fresh Vibes: Lago di Como's Winemaker Dinners Steal the Spotlight

New Co-Owners, Fresh Vibes: Lago di Como's Winemaker Dinners Steal the Spotlight

  • Liz Kroft
  • 10/25/23

On October 19, Lago di Como located on the East Side of Santa Cruz kicked off its first winemaker's dinner with a six-course Sardinian culinary extravaganza. This event marked a significant milestone for the 11-year-old restaurant, which recently underwent a revitalization under new co-owners. As part of this transformation, Lago di Como introduced a series of themed dinners featuring regional Italian cuisines and wines.

Explore the Rich Cuisine and Wines of Sardinia

Santa Cruz County, known for its vibrant culinary scene, recently witnessed a spectacular winemaker's dinner that transported guests to the picturesque island of Sardinia. Lago di Como, with its new co-owners and revitalized menu, is making waves in the local culinary landscape. The winemaker's dinner on October 19th marked the beginning of a series of themed evenings featuring regional Italian cuisines and wines, showcasing the restaurant's commitment to offering unique experiences.

Perfect Pairings: Sardinian Cuisine and Argiolas Wines

This extraordinary evening brought together the culinary expertise of Lago di Como and the winemaking mastery of Antonio Argiolas from Argiolas Winery in Sardinia. The result was a delightful six-course Sardinian feast paired with native varietals from Argiolas Winery. Each course narrated a story of Sardinia's gastronomic heritage, from the abundant coastal dishes to the rustic flavors of the island's interior, famous for producing world-renowned wines. 


Why Lago di Como Stands Out

Local winemaker dinners are common, but this event left a lasting impression. Lago di Como's team, including owners Giovanbattista Spanu, Matteo Robecchi, and Lindsay Rodriguez, managed to create a memorable evening, mastering the intricate art of crafting and serving multiple high-end courses. The success of this first dinner solidified Lago di Como's position as a key player in Santa Cruz County's culinary landscape.

Embrace the Upcoming Culinary Journey

Lago di Como aims to continue its culinary journey by hosting different Italian winemakers and creating regional feasts paired with their wines. A sneak peek at their upcoming themed evenings will help you secure a spot at the table. 

Take Out and Reservations

Lago di Como's dedication to offering distinctive dining experiences makes it a must-visit for those looking to savor the essence of Italian cuisine paired with exceptional wines. So, make a reservation at Lago di Como, located at 21490 East Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, and immerse yourself in the magic of culinary storytelling.


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