Don't Sell Your Home Until You Fix These 9 Things (or Regret It Later!)

Don't Sell Your Home Until You Fix These 9 Things (or Regret It Later!)

  • Liz Kroft
  • 02/27/24

Selling your home in the future? Don't miss out on your property's full potential. Check out the ultimate guide to addressing major and minor issues before listing.


Major Issues: Why Fixing Matters

Before listing your home, be aware of significant problems that might impact your sale. A pre-inspection report is a valuable tool to identify potential issues early, saving you from extensive repairs later. Leslie Fisher, a global real estate advisor, emphasizes that fixing major problems upfront is not just a financial choice but a legal one to avoid potential lawsuits.


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What Constitutes Major Problems?

Health and safety concerns like roof repairs, water leaks, and HVAC maintenance are major issues, according to real estate professionals. Addressing these concerns not only ensures safety but also boosts your home’s value. In today's market, you can list your property as-is, but proactive fixes often yield better results.


Minor Problems Still Matter:

Even cosmetic issues can impact your home sale. Fixing smaller problems not only creates a positive impression but also presents your property as a blank canvas, making it more appealing to buyers without breaking the bank.


The Top 9 Must-Fix Issues Before Listing:


1. Water Damage and Mold:
Water damage, even if seemingly cosmetic, should be addressed promptly. Visible stains from previous leaks, when left unattended, trigger doubts about the overall condition of your property. Fixing these issues not only enhances the aesthetics but also assures potential buyers that your home has been well-maintained.


2. Faulty Smoke Detectors:
Ensuring the functionality of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is crucial for the safety of occupants. Meeting local requirements and testing these devices according to codes eliminates guesswork, giving buyers confidence in the property's adherence to safety standards.



3. Busted Plumbing:
Leaky plumbing should be repaired promptly to prevent escalating damage and avoid increased water bills. Left unchecked, these issues can lead to more significant problems, making a timely fix both cost-effective and integral to the overall well-being of the home.


4. Malfunctioning HVAC Systems:
A working HVAC system is essential for maintaining a comfortable and safe living environment. Routine maintenance, such as changing filters and addressing common breakdowns, ensures optimal functioning. Proactive measures help avoid major repairs and instill confidence in potential buyers.


5. Structural Issues:
Issues like leaning walls, sagging roofs, and cracks compromise the integrity of the structure. Addressing these problems is vital to prevent potential buyers from being deterred by concerns about hidden issues behind the walls, ensuring a strong foundation for a successful home sale.



6. Foundation Problems:
A solid foundation is fundamental for a home's structural integrity. Checking for cracks and monitoring any shifts over time helps identify and address foundation problems early. Dealing with these issues before listing guarantees a clean inspection report and instills confidence in potential buyers.


7. Roof Damage:
A poorly maintained roof can lead to extensive problems throughout the home. Identifying and addressing issues like damaged shingles, moss buildup, and potential leaks before selling prevents structural damage, ensures good air quality, and maintains the overall value of your property.


8. Broken Light Fixtures:
Functional light fixtures play a crucial role in staging your home. Ensuring all lightbulbs are working not only enhances the overall brightness of rooms but also alleviates buyer concerns about potential electrical issues. Addressing both minor and major lighting issues contributes to a well-staged and safe home.


9. Broken Appliances:
Nonworking appliances, especially in the kitchen, can raise doubts about the overall maintenance of the home. While the decision to replace depends on factors like home pricing, offering functional appliances adds value and eliminates potential buyer concerns, contributing to a smoother and more appealing home-selling process.



Proactively addressing major and minor issues ensures a smoother, more profitable home sale. Don't skip these crucial fixes before listing your property.


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