Buyer Services

Buyer Services

  • Liz Kroft
  • 05/4/22
Liz's values are deeply rooted in

Trust, Experience & Service

It is my goal to help buyers understand the current condition of the market and access all of the information that will quickly position them with a variety of great choices and negotiating leverage.

Steps You Will Take Together

Arranging Financing:
  • Help identify a lender that meets your needs.
  • Discuss the purchasing incentives that are suitable.
  • Compare the various financing options available.
  • Learn the difference between a pre-qualification and pre-approval.
Finding the Right Property:
  • Discover and prioritize your needs and wants in a property.
  • Find appropriate available properties both on and off the market.
  • Receive automated email alerts that immediately notify you of MLS-listed homes.
  • Research and preview properties prior to showing.
  • Evaluate properties for suitability, affordability, and resale value.


Education on Market Conditions

  • Help to understand the various market types.
  • Deepen your understanding of the details of pricing statistics.
  • Learn about trends, days on the market, absorption rates, and inventory.
  • Discuss property types, quality, and trends.

Making an Offer & Representing Your Needs

  • Provide detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for pricing decisions.
  • Educate on the contents of the purchase agreement and common contingencies and terms.
  • Review and ensure your understanding of appropriate seller disclosures and reports.
  • Assist with prioritizing your goals and creating a negotiation strategy to reach them.
  • Manage the execution of the purchase agreement and offer documents.
  • Prepare you for multiple offer situations and develop negotiation strategies.

Closing & Your Trusted Real Estate Resource

  • Recommend inspectors, lenders, attorneys, and other professionals as necessary.
  • Act as an advocate and advisor during the closing process.
  • Manage communications between the various parties of the closing.
  • Monitor and communicate required contract deadlines to ensure they are met.
  • Ensure the property is in the same condition as when you entered into the contract.
  • Remain a life-long trusted advisor for all of your real estate needs.
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With over nine years of full-time experience and more than $114 million in sales across the greater Bay Area, I work tirelessly to be a well-regarded agent, industry innovator, and ambassador for my clients.

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